About Mo-Zark Boat Lifts

Welcome to Mo-Zark Boat Lifts!

Whether you're an angler, avid waterskier, or a PWC enthusist, keeping your craft high and dry when you're not using it is one of the best ways to keep it clean and free of damage.

Serving the needs of watercraft owners in the Midwest for more than 50 years, Mozark Boat Lifts can build a lift custom fit for your watercraft and your dock to keep your favorite toys protected from the elements and wear-and-tear that leaving them in a wet dock can produce.

Mozark Boat Lifts protect your boat from waves & wake action, dock-rub damage, electrolysis, zebra mussels and algae as well as keep it clean, looking good and retain its value.

Building the highest quality boat lifts for it's customers is Mozark Boat Lifts first priority. We pride ourselves on a job done right! To us, right means building a lift that will stand the test of time and environment without the need for constant maintainance.

Contact Mo-Zark Boat Lifts for a quote on keeping your water craft high and dry today! Call us at 573-347-2516.

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